New Haven, Connecticut – New Hampshire – a night in Vermont with the Schibli’s – Montreal!

Im quite relaxed about hotel cleanliness/ type of hotel – after all, I am a student! – but G on the other hand is anything but. Sadly, our hotel in New Haven only had warm water in the morning because we woke up so late, and the hot water had run out. – I didn’t really mind, it reminded me of school! – But G wasn’t happy. He called down to reception, and complained (as per usual…), and after a long conversation, he says ‘I’m fed up of this bull s*it). – Normally, this adds to the conversation, and eventually the hotel employee comes round to his point of view. – not this time! – The manager said that he didn’t like G’s language, and that he should apologise…. This didn’t help his mood… – but nevertheless, the conversation came to an end, and we got 50%+ off our stay! – Result!
Our plan was to leave New Haven, and drive the 4/5 hours up to Northern Vermont to stay the night with some old family friends – the Schibli’s. We arrived at their beautiful Vermont home to be welcomed by the lovely smell of brownies. After a terrific dinner, and a fantastic nights sleep – we were off early this morning to make our way across the Canadian border, and for one final push to Montreal.
We arrived in Montreal early afternoon ish, to be greeted by some dreadful traffic… It turns out, the central streets through the city were shut off this Sunday for ‘Pride’… After navigating our way through the gridlocked traffic, and over an hour after arriving in the city, we eventually arrived at McGill. G and I were both very grumpy, and very tired, so after a few photos – we were ready to leave and have some lunch. – but we made it!
London – Montreal
14 countries.
40 cities.
1 flat tyre.
1 argument (in the traffic in Montreal of all places!)
1 ocean.
1000’s of memories.
MANY many more ideas for our next trip (don’t tell Mum…)
Photos below.
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Our best friend, Tonka.


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Montreal! We made it!!


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A dog in the back of a pick up on the motorway.


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Vermont/ New Hampshire.


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The lovely lady who donated the cost of our lunch to Macmillan. You can still sponsor us at


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A very quick border hop into New Hampshire.


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Having lunch on the Vermont/New Hampshire border.


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Welcome to Vermont! – the home of Ben and Jerry’s!


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